Recently I had to make a phone call in which my opening line was - 'my son is 2 1/2 and is deaf, do you...' before I could finish the statement the response was 'oh...' the woman on the other end sighed deeply 'i'm so sorry, how sad.' Huh? What? It had been a minute since I'd been slammed with that sort of contagious pity. Wow, I had to stop for a moment while she continued with several questions about his deafness. I inwardly thought of how sad it was, that when he'd wake as a baby crying I could only comfort him by humming with my mouth buried in his little chest. How sad it was that while I watched other babies his age respond to their mother's calls, Shiloh would sit isolated with no expression on his face. How sad it was that when all I wanted so desperately was for my son to hear the laughter and joy from love and words of this family...he would not. I would be lying if I said I don't distinctly remember the pain of tears falling from those moments. Those moments that seemed to last...for...well...for moments. Extended moments at times, mind you, but still - just moments in now what is 2 1/2 years of a beautiful life. A life that is destined for greatness.

And to think that it has been over a year since I last exposed myself in this healing cathartic manner! What a difference a year makes. The amount of love and happiness that lives in this house is exponentially grown since last year. It's amazing what you can do with family and friends that have true love in their hearts.

Tomorrow morning this wonderful little family will embark on the beginning of the journey of Shiloh's left ear! By late afternoon we will begin pampering Shiloh with love and positivity for his recovery. My son has many many obstacles, trials and struggles to face. But for 95% of those struggles, he will face them just like any other human being, hearing every moment of them.

Had we not been so lucky to have had Mikayla Bradleigh to appreciate the beauty of speech and language with a child, we would not have fought so hard for every word our son speaks. But without Shiloh we would never have appreciated every sound that passes from our lips to Mikayla's and every word she speaks to us. We are no doubt the luckiest family around. Can I keep this happiness in a jar?


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